NebraskaLink Announces Partnership with Blackfoot

by NebraskaLink Admin | Apr 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

NebraskaLink announced today its intention to formally join a partner network in collaboration with Blackfoot. NebraskaLink provides diverse, robust and innovative technology solutions with an emphasis on multi-site and provider class internet connectivity for businesses throughout Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa.

The partner network is a coalition of trusted, regional network operators creating a combined voice and data network to streamline last-mile connectivity for carrier and enterprise customers across the Western United States.

“NebraskaLink is a regional service provider in Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa and having access to a reliable network with a larger geographic footprint allows us to better serve our customers. The partner network creates new routes to major data centers, enabling us to provide reliable connectivity to sites that were not previously serviceable and multi-site connectivity to support our customers’ growth,” Jason Axthelm, Vice President of Business Development at NebraskaLink.

The coalition is comprised of other members including: Advanced Communications Technology (a wholly owned subsidiary of Range Telephone Cooperative), Fatbeam and Blackfoot. The partnership enables providers to quickly turn up connections across multiple states via a reliable, high-capacity, low-latency fiber backbone. This unique customer-centric approach and stringent service level agreement (SLA) management are key differentiators for partners.

“Carrier and enterprise customers are looking for competitive alternatives to the national carriers, specifically for geographically diverse, low-latency routes. One of the goals of the partner network is exactly that, to provide alternative transport solutions. In addition, the network provides a mutually beneficial solution where the customer can continue to enjoy their current service agreements with their network operator of choice, and the network operator benefits from an enhanced customer relationship with an expanded network footprint,” Todd Twete, Director of Carrier Services at Blackfoot

By leveraging a series of network-to-network interfaces (NNIs), the partners combine their individual network assets and are then able to jointly market an expanded fiber network footprint.

“Partners in the consortium inherently benefit from an indirect sales team. Each partner is individually promoting the regional network, as are the sales and marketing teams of the other respective partners,” Todd Twete, Director of Carrier Services at Blackfoot. Todd Twete.

In addition to driving new wholesale and enterprise revenue for its partners, the regional network provides several business benefits including reducing 3rd party circuit expenses, expediting quote lead times and streamlining operational processes.

The regional partner network is in the beginning stages and is seeking additional partners. To learn more, visit