NebraskaLink provides a state-of-the-art fiber optic network throughout the state of Nebraska. This infrastructure and investment allows for unequaled service to the business community where high reliability and dependability are key.

We provide diverse, robust, and innovative technology solutions at competitive rates with an emphasis on provider class internet connectivity and multi-site architecture.  NebraskaLink has the staff and facilities to provide the solutions that fit your needs.  Owned and operated in Nebraska; NebraskaLink is the communications company with the reliability and connectivity to help Nebraskans succeed.

We provide competitive pricing, diversified routing, and redundant facilities to local governments, educational institutions, healthcare, financial, manufacturing and agricultural industries as well as wholesale carriers and internet service providers.

NebraskaLink Acceptable Use Policy


Customer Care: We are dedicated to serving our customers… this is the lens through which we make all decisions. We listen to our customer’s requests, we understand their expectations, and we strive to exceed them.

Certainty: We love results, so do our customers, nothing speaks louder… we believe in personal and corporate accountability for actions and results, we find solutions, we keep our promises.  If we say we are going to do it, we do it, on time.

Quality: Our goal is to exceed their expectations… We show pride in our work.  From the way we design our network to the way we install, monitor and test our services, it is clear that excellence is the standard. We require the same in our vendors, partners and products.

People: Our people are our #1 asset… Our ability to attract, develop, and retain the very best will be what makes us successful.  We invest in our employees, knowing they will be with us for the long run.

Integrity: Only the best will do… We will always do the right thing.  We will not take the easy way out, we will be accountable for our actions.

Respect: We treat others as we expect to be treated… Not everyone will think, look, or act like us, but everyone has value to contribute.  We take the time to understand the perspective of others, and treat everyone with dignity.

Work Hard, Have Fun: an unstoppable combination… We work hard, we go the extra mile, we get the job done.  We also believe that a fun work environment will help us do our best.  Together these qualities make us unstoppable.